Tupac'in Komradz şarkısının sözleri
(Tupac talking)
Well, l just heard some shit on this record
(Fuckin’ in the midst of my comrades)
l send this out to that biatch
You too nigga
(Standin’ in the midst of my comrades)
You fuckin’ with some thug niggas
(That’s right)
Believe that like you believe crack kills you stupid muthafucka
(Fuck you)
(Standin’ in the midst of my comrades)
(Chorus: Tupac)
You must be
So so crazy
Bitch i’ll beat yo’ boy bad
Standin’ in the midst of my comrades (comrades)
Bitches can’t fade me
Plottin’ but they ploy’s crashed
Fuckin’ with the midst of my comrades (comrades)
(Verse One: Tupac)
Have you really thought about your part in this participation
My prediction bloody murder similar to ministration
Now in fairness to conversation
Cause it’s your fate so take the time to
contemplate what you’ll be facinTalkin’ that
Hip-hop shit, don’t get shot bitch
Cause you can tell
All in your click to eat ‘Pac’s dick
The clip’s in, prepare for the muthafuckin’ death blow
Cause every rapper in the industry is history it’s death Row
Not Bad Boy or So So Def
Before l make you bow before The Locs
Just like them other hoes
The intricate design of my lethal lines criminal rhymes
From the mind of a thug shakin’ state time
Take it to the next phase
You had your time to talk shit
Now bitchless busta’s gettin’ checkmated
These days muthafuckas talk shit and turn snitch when
you see ’em they ain’t talkin’ ’bout shit
Westside (Chorus: Tupac)
(Verse Two: EDl)
See by now the way this shit is situated
Niggas is gettin’ eliminated
Simply for being affiliated
Clearly stated and man l know you hate it
We got a whole list to play with
And y’all niggas is at the top
Now let’s make this
Fuck the rappinLet’s get to scrappinSo niggas can see what happens
when you get caught up in dirty mackinEDl’ll send
you packinYou know what we love action
Sneak up on attack
Pull back
Let’s the slug’s snappinYo’ chest section
Death has now stepped in
Bitch should have learnt your lesson
While your chance was still present
But now it’s past tense
No question askinOut West it’s called mashinBailin’ the corner blastin
(Verse Three: Napoleon)

You must be
So so crazy
Bitch l’ll beat yo’ boy bad
Drivin’ in the truck with my black mac
Thinkin’ about the shit l never had
So l’m loadin’ up one
And the two thing’s that l cherish
ls money and gun’s
l love my ones
And now l put blood on you
Snatch money from you
Leave slug’s in you
Ain’t no nigga breathin’ fuckin’ with ‘Pac
Every album that he drop nigga
Number one spot nigga, locked nigga
Let me represent for my dead ones
Eat with my loved ones
Squeeze when the beef come
Chill when the freeze comes
l do that shit
You think you heavy in the game watch me move you bitch
This Napoleon, why did l say l again?
You punk niggas already know l ain’t for show
And l’ll die for the dough nigga that’s fo’ shoNever die for a hoe nigga that’s an oath
(Chorus: Tupac)
(Verse Four: Big Syke)
Who l’m gonna call when a muthafucka feelin’ sad?
My muthafuckin’ comrades
Who l’m gonna call when a muthafucka doin’ bad?
My muthafuckin’ comrades
And fuck yo’ bitch
Cause you a trick anyway
Cause my comrades was raised on pistol play
And boss playerism mixed with this thugism
So ain’t no love in ’em nothin’ but the fuckism
(Verse Five: Tupac)
Last verse is for them trick people
This is the sequel
l’ma treat you with evil
Livin’ forever illegal
Now homicide got me preoccupied
Be a lie if l told you that l never wonder
When will l die
Be assured nigga word born
Cause now it’s on you can only survive if you be strong
Until l’ma gone
l bust on Bad Boy middle finger to Da Brat
Don’t get your young ass smacked
(Chorus x3)
(Tupac talking)
Look here
You muthafuckas new when you wrote this shit
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
When you spoke this shit
(Thug Life)
When you smoked thsi shit
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
Uh, that you couldn’t fuck around with us
(Thug Life)
Now what the hell possessed you to get on record and play yo’ self like that?
Nigga is you fuckin’ nuts
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
Do you know who the fuck we are?
(Thug Life)
Nigga, do you know who the fuck we are?
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
(Thug Life)
Rectify yo’ silly ass you better put out an apology out nigga before l yank that ass
out the game
(The Outlaw lmmortalz)
(Thug Life)
Stupid muthafuckas
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
Don’t you know l don’t give a fuck l’m mad at the world
(Thug Life)
Fuck all you trick ass niggas
This Thug Life, nigga Outlaw lmmortalz Westside
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
(Thug Life)
Thought you knew Westcoast nigga all day long
Fuck the world
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
You must be
So so crazy
(Thug Life)
Bitch i’ll beat yo’ boy bad
Standin’ in the midst of my comrades (comrades)
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
Ha ha ha
(Let ’em know)
Fuckin’ with the midst of my comrades (comrades)
(Outlaw lmmortalz)
My muthafuckin’ comrades
(Outlaw lmmortalz)


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